The project

An experiential Cité

New hub of gastronomy in a vibrant 7-hectare area, the Cité de la gastronomie Paris-Rungis will open in 2026, near the Rungis international market. A centre of culture, creativity and conviviality, the Cité will promote sustainable food and responsible gastronomy around the social and festive practice of the meal. 

The Cité de la gastronomie Paris-Rungis is envisaged as a cultural hub where practical, sensory, educational or artistic experiences will underpin every space, every moment.

The principle components of the Cité de la gastronomie Paris-Rungis’ main program will be: 

  • a centre of interpretation and experimentation related to temporary exhibitions; 
  • a fab lab designed to encourage creativity and public participation; 
  • a fully equipped auditorium; 
  • a modular platform enabling advanced training based on the Cité’s main themes; 
  • concept stores and specialist shops (bookshop, design store, etc.);
  • restaurants staffed by gastronomy students and trainees;
  • diverse dining;
  • a covered street for large banquets and live gastronomic shows; 
  • educational gardens linked to nearby urban farms. 
The project

A creative, convivial and ethical Cité

Creatively, the Cité de la gastronomie is a place of meeting and interaction for locals and tourists in search of shared knowledge and experiences. It will be an arena for debate around issues like the future production and consumption of food, new social practices, and the evolution of jobs in the sector. The Cité will support lifelong education and is set to become a resource for learning, research and professional development. 

The Cité embraces the festive and convivial dimension of gastronomy. In a welcoming atmosphere, there will be meals, banquets, demonstrations, cooking lessons and workshops devoted to the art of the table. Both physically and digitally, the Cité de la gastronomie Paris-Rungis will bring generations together around the universal pleasure of eating and the timeless tradition of the meal. Sharing, gaining new skills and appreciating good food are the common threads running through the cultural and event programming of the Cité de la gastronomie Paris-Rungis. 

Committed and ethical, the Cité is an advocate for healthy and high quality food, while also striving to limit its environmental impact. Imparting knowledge and educating people about healthy eating are integral to its role.

Operational calendar

Creation of the events program.
Launch of the Digital Cité.

Participation in the event Rungis at the Grand Palais, the fine food festival.

Exhibition The Cité de la gastronomie Paris-Rungis sets the table at La Villette.

Re-launch of the tender process for the creation of the Cité de la gastronomie Paris-Rungis and its neighbourhood.

Winning operator announced.

Building work on the Cité de la gastronomie Paris-Rungis and its neighbourhood commences. 
Extended metro line 14 begins operating. 

Easy accessibility

  • Line 14 metro station will be on the site from 2024 linking to Paris Gare de Lyon in 20 minutes 
  • 5 minutes from Orly International Airport 
  • Direct access via the A86 motorway (Roissy-Orly link) and the A6


Learn more on the Société du Grand Paris website here.

The Cité’s cultural and educational programme

From 2019 onwards, the Cité will be brought to life beyond its borders through a series of educational and cultural activities. The Cité’s first exhibition is currently being developed and will highlight the festive, cultural and convivial aspects of the French gastronomic meal. Activities aimed at a younger audience are also in preparation and will be unveiled later this year. The mobile Cité will reach out to the public via a bus designed to explore culinary practices, the arts of the table and the culture and origins of produce.

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