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To really appreciate gastronomy, it must be experienced, practised and shared. That’s why the Cité de la gastronomie Paris-Rungis has dedicated an entire section to gourmet activities proposed in the region around Paris.

Culinary workshops, farm visits, meetings and tastings with artisans: there’s something for everyone! Click here to choose and book activities related to agriculture, food and gastronomy.



#ExploreParis is an online store offering a wide range of tourism and leisure activities throughout the Paris region. The aim is to help visitors see a different side of Greater Paris, via unique experiences and explorations off the beaten track. The aim is to help visitors in search of unique experiences explore off the beaten track and see a different side of Greater Paris.

This platform sprung from the efforts of tourism stakeholders to renew and reposition the image of Paris and its surroundings as a tourist destination. #ExploreParis was created by Seine-Saint-Denis department Tourism Committee, Val-de-Marne department Tourism Committee, Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau, Hauts-de-Seine department, as well as the RATP (Paris public transport system), Welcome City Lab, IREST and Atout  France.

From local farms to Parisian food experiences, click here to book tours, walks and gourmet workshops in Greater Paris, and also discover the biggest markets in the Île de France region.

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                                                                           Val de Marne

The Val-de-Marne, home of the future Cité de la gastronomie Paris-Rungis, offers a multitude of opportunities for walks, activities and workshops related to gastronomy, food and agriculture. 

From the general public to schools, the Val-de-Marne tourist board welcomes you to the world of gastronomy, where you’ll meet the people, companies and organisations that make up this rich environment.  

Discover the region’s best addresses, from food trucks and restaurants for all tastes to the almost century-old guingettes (music halls) lining the banks of the Seine and the Marne rivers.  

Val-de-Marne’s tourism experts will help you meet local artisans, go behind the scenes of the international food market at Rungis and experience fair trade and collaborative farming. 

Find out more on the Val-de-Marne Tourism & Leisure site