A role model helps the young “eat for the future”

“I Eat For the Future”, a new, immersive and innovative program targeting 18-35-year-olds, will be launched on March 1 by AgroParisTech’s research partner, La Chaire ANCA.

Entirely posted on Instagram (@jemangepourlefutur), the project will follow a 12-week investigation led by a fictional heroine, with the aim of educating young people about the importance of sustainable food.

Meet Sasha, a young graduate who has made a decision: to rethink the way she eats as her personal contribution to helping the planet. The COVID-19 health crisis and the events of 2020 have led her to question her diet.



Now she plans to take matters in hand and make sustainable food her mantra. But how? Where should she start? She pledges to embark on an investigation into why and how to adopt a more sustainable diet.

During her quest, Sasha meets several real-life figures: researchers who provide scientific insights into sustainable food; leaders in the field (such as producers, processors and associations), not to mention the chefs and food retailers who surround her. All in order to help her try out new ways of eating, without fuss and while having fun.

Selected episodes:

Week #1: Why do we need to change our behaviour?

Week #2: Can we still eat meat?

Week #4: Am I going to have dietary deficiencies?

Week #5: How can I avoid eating the same thing all the time?

Week #9: How can I eat sustainably without breaking the bank?


This program uses the latest scientific data to address the complex topic of sustainable eating and behaviour change. It was constructed with a committee of experts in areas such as nutrition, dietary behaviour, agronomy and sociology.

Posts and stories in various formats will be published on the Instagram account @jemangepourlefutur, including images, video reports, testimonials, quizzes, surveys, recipes…and more.

More info on La Chaire ANCA website (French content)