“Paris bien dans son assiette”

From June 15 to 23 the French capital was the setting for “Paris bien dans son assiette” (“Paris eats well”), a series of events and conferences marking the first anniversary of the city’s sustainable food strategy. Organised by the city authorities, it brought together food and catering professionals with associations and the general public.

How do you feed a city’s residents sustainably? Paris has been working for several years on the issues of food quality and environmental protection. Through its sustainable food strategy and climate plan, the City of Paris aims to offer sustainable, inclusive and resilient food to all Parisians by 2030.

Four major themes were defined as: access to sustainable food for all, increased self-sufficiency and resilience, the prevention of food waste, and greater networking between concerned parties.

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Several areas of activity have been identified, such as the development of urban and semi-urban agriculture, the collection of food waste and the redistribution of unsold food products, the wider availability of low-impact transportation, and the organization of awareness-raising events.


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