New tender consultation launched

During a meeting on June 3 2021, the Syndical Committee of the Cité de la gastronomie Paris-Rungis approved the launch of a new tender process, with a view to awarding a concessionary contract for the construction and operation of the Cité de la gastronomie Paris-Rungis and its surroundings. The publication of the call for tenders has been effective since mid-June and can be seen here (French content).

Building on the lessons learned from the previous tender, as well as the Covid-19 crisis, the project has been redesigned with the aim of reinventing the gastronomy sector from field to plate. The first round showed that the project was resilient and that it could meet the new expectations those who live in Île-de-France, as well as the demands of future tourists.

Authorities from the Île-de-France region, the Val-de-Marne department and the Grand Paris metropole, already committed to the acquisition of real estate, have decided to support the project by investing alongside the local authority of the Grand-Orly Seine Bièvre and its municipalities. This participation will make it possible to create an economic model that will be more balanced and therefore more attractive to tender candidates.

All the member communities of the Syndicate renewed their commitment to continuing this partnership in order to bring to life an ambitious and innovative project, which on the one hand will respond to the economic and social challenges of the area, especially regarding young people, and on the other will become a place of reference for the general public, as well as for gastronomy professionals, notably in the fields of training and education.

The Cité de la gastronomie Paris-Rungis also benefits from the support of Semmaris, the company that manages the Rungis international market (MIN).

Stéphanie Daumin, President of the Syndicat de la Cité, comments: "By re-launching the consultation, we are seizing an opportunity to reinvent ourselves in the face of a situation that no one had imagined or anticipated, while better supporting candidates in the current context. The Cité program has been readjusted and resized, with specifications leaving more flexibility for the creativity of the candidates. The land for the future site of the Cité has been released, work on métro line 14 is underway, the requalification of the RD7 road has been launched and the transformation of the Belle Epine shopping mall continues. We have enhanced our efforts to create all the conditions for success and move forward."

More info here (French content).