Manger vers le futur (“A Taste of the Future”): a foodie digital sci-fi comic book

Posted on Instagram, Manger vers le futur (“A Taste of the Future”) tries to answer the many questions we’re posing about the future of food, via a fictional evocation of the ways food customs and consumption many change between now and 2050.

Manger vers le futur


“How will we feed 9 billion people in 2050? What will we eat tomorrow? Should we reduce our consumption of animal protein?”

This comic strip recounts the adventures (and thoughts) of four young graduates – Ana, Raman, Edgar and Inès – who come together around a meal once a year for the next 30 years. Each episode is an opportunity to humorously discuss themes related to food issues: environmental, ecological, social, economic and political. 

For the team behind the project, the goal is "to awaken consciences and invite the reader to reflect and discuss without moralising or judging". The site proposes further reading around each episode to provide context.

Behind the project is the ANCA (Aliment Nutrition Comportement Alimentaire), a partner of AgroParisTech. Its goal is to raise awareness of healthy and sustainable food by developing innovative and accessible programs.

The scientific content of the comic book was developed by the ANCA with the help of sociologists, economists and nutritionists. As for the story, it was written by Benjamin Hoguet, directed by Jean-Pierre François and illustrated by Madd. 

You’ll find the 30 episodes of the comic strip (in French) on social networks: