Grandmas Project: Season 2

A grandmother, her movie director grandchild – and a recipe. Those are the ingredients of Grandmas Project, a participatory web series that invites filmmakers around the world to make 8-minute movies about their grandmothers, using the passing down of a family recipe as the basis of the story.

For Season 1, thirteen films were created by filmmakers from around the globe, all with varying styles and levels of experience. The grandmothers in these tales hailed from Austria, Brazil, France, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, the United States, India, Morocco, Poland and Serbia.

The director Jonas Parienté, creator of Grandmas Project, describes it as “a 21st century participatory, interactive and trans-media project that celebrates one of the most universal and ancestral acts of all: the passing down of family recipes from one generation to another ". His motto: share the most delicious legacy on the planet.

In January 2016, Grandmas Project received UNESCO patronage for its work raising awareness of intangible cultural heritage among the general public through digital tools.

Now Grandmas Project is back for Season 2, with the launch of a new crowd funding campaign and another call for directors. But the challenge remains the same: film your grandmother cooking a recipe in an 8-minute movie.

By the way, Grandmas Project is not just for professional filmmakers or film students. Anyone who wishes to share their story and recipe is welcome to make a contribution. So grab your granny and a camera (or your phone) and get cooking!

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