Gourmet Heritage Day

To mark the 2019 European Heritage Days, the Île-de-France region will celebrate its outstanding contribution to gastronomy with a large open air market on September 21 and 22.

Free of charge and accessible to all, the event will take the form of a pop-up market in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. Epicureans, locavores or simply the curious will be able to experience the flavours of Île-de-France via products from the region.


                                                          La Fête du Patrimoine Gourmand

The fertile Île-de-France has 5,000 farms and 567,000 hectares of agricultural land, 48% of which is devoted to farming. Wheat, fruits and vegetables, honey, cold meats, dairy products, pasta, beer, mustard – all of these products can be sourced close to the capital.

The European Heritage Days will be an opportunity to (re) discover the treasures of Parisian heritage. Growers, food artisans and restaurateurs will meet visitors to share their craft and knowledge.

On the menu:

• Gourmet escapades in the form of a fun and informative course that allows participants to discover or rediscover "Made In Île-de-France" products.

• A large outdoor market with enough choice to please everyone.

• Hosted tastings.

Gastronomic, convivial and 100% locavore, the event is organized by the regional food and agriculture association Île-de-France Region Terre de Saveurs. It invites visitors to eat better, healthier and more local while having a great time.

Learn more on the Île-de-France Region and the Île-de-France Terre de saveurs websites.