Farmers’ Seeds Week

The 7th edition of Farmers’ Seeds Week will take place from September 14 to 29. Events all over France will allow visitors to (re)discover the world of seeds.  

The purpose of the week is to celebrate agricultural biodiversity and to raise awareness of issues such as localized food, farmers’ rights and agro-ecology. A recent report from the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation warns of the loss of cultivated biodiversity. It points out that 75% of our diet comes from just 12 plant species and 5 animal species. Defenders of farmers’ seeds see them as a solution to this problem. 

                                                          Semaine des Semences Paysannes

The program includes visits to gardens and farms, seed exchanges, collective sowing, farmers' markets, harvest festivals, tastings, conferences and film screenings.  

Farmers’ Seeds Week invites the general public to “meet those who are trying to renew an interrupted dialogue with nature”. The series of events is an opportunity for growers and consumers to explore themes related to agro-ecology. 

It is also an opportunity to meet the passionate farmers and gardeners who are renewing our taste for forgotten species of vegetables, fruit, cereals and crops. 

Learn more from the Farmers’ Seeds Network website.