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Marie-Antoine–alias Antonin– Carême (1784-1833) was a cook and gastronomic theorist under Napoleon I. First to be called ‘chef’, he was also known as the “king of chefs and the chef of kings”.

When you lay a table à la française, each guest is given three glasses: from left to right, the white wine glass, the red wine glass and the water glass.

According to a study by the ADEME (French Environmental and Energy Management Agency), 89% of consumers eat organic products at least occasionally.

A tomato produced out of season is truly an enemy of the environment: it uses 5 times more water and 10 times more energy than a tomato grown in the heart of the summer.

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At a gastronomic meal, place settings à la française should have the forks placed tines down, the spoons backs up and knives turned towards the plate.

To avoid a silverware faux pas, remember that a fork with a cutting edge–and not a teaspoon–is always used for dessert during a gastronomic meal.