Eco-friendly apps

So you want to eat and behave eco-responsibly? That’s great! But actually doing it is even better. For those of you who want to favour products that are good for your health as well as for the planet, we’ve rounded up a selection of free and innovative apps from our French homeland (and some other countries too). So, no more excuses: your eco-friendly appetite can be fixed at the touch of an app.

Etiquettable: Choose to eat differently

Etiquettable is a collaborative, responsible cooking app that helps you choose sustainable produce for your home or catering business. Fruit and vegetables are classified by category and month of the year, with details about whether they’re in-season or locally-sourced. Fish are classified based on whether the species is endangered or not, as well as where they were caught. Etiquettable provides verified information on the source and ideal season for each product, the carbon footprint of certain foods, and nutrition and health advice. It’s not only practical, but borderless, with data from several continents (Europe, North America and Africa). On the website front, Etiquettable enables users to go a step further with an "eco-calculator" that evaluates the healthiness and environmental impact of recipes found online.


Too Good to Go: Fighting food waste

One third of the world's food production is wasted every year, contributing to 8% of greenhouse gas emissions. In the face of this challenge, the "Too Good to Go" app helps everyone battle food waste while recuperating unsold items at low prices. Launched in 2016, the app allows you to select "surprise baskets" that you can pick up at a designated grocer, bakery or restaurant. Present in 11 European countries with more than 24,000 partners, the app is a valuable companion for your daily shop as well as on your travels.


Planète Océan: Protecting the sea’s bounty

Created by the GoodPlanet Foundation and the Ethic Ocean association, Planète Océan is an app that encourages the responsible consumption of seafood. Its goal is to educate the public about the preservation of the oceans and their resources. To do so, it tells you in a practical way how to choose products based on fishing methods and species to favour or avoid. Alongside some great recipes you’ll also find news and feature articles about the marine world.


We Act for Good (WAG): Challenge your habits

This app from WWF France aims to give us "the power to consume better for ourselves and for the planet" by adapting our daily habits. It addresses major themes like eating well, zero waste, green mobility and energy efficiency.

Customisable, user-friendly and supported by an entire community, it’s a transformational programme based on a selection of challenges. Favour green travel, make a compost, participate in a workshop, buy products in bulk, Do It Yourself: everyone can set themselves a challenge. And to help you, all the app’s resources are at your fingertips (advice, products and services, local addresses etc.), enriched daily by the experiences and solutions of other users.